01. Introduction

Hello everyone,  welcome to my blog!
Here I will post updates about my work and everything else glass related 🙂

Right above in the corner is where you’ll find the About page, where you can read a bit of information about me and my store; a page for my portfolio with photo’s, where you can see the art that I have made (including the sold ones); and of course a link to my Etsy store 🙂 

For the people who have been following my personal blog, I will still use that blog for my personal rants 🙂 I just want keep my work and the personal rants separated :’)
so you know 🙂

I have just started working with glass around February. As you can/have read in the about page, the name Raven Haylin (or RavenHaylin) was first used for my photography and other arts. I haven’t stopped with photography, it’s just on hold for now. You can find my Photography Here and Here.
I have more social media’s accounts where you can find my photography, but the most important are these ones. 
I do have some ideas for more photography, but that has to wait 🙂 I’m thinking somewhere around Spring 2017.

Everything that I have ever made in my life is self learned, I’m autodidact and I have always been that way, ever since I was a child I have loved to create, always coming up with ideas for gifts or out/indoor games to play.
The bad side of being creative is that sometimes it gets to much. When you have many ideas to create but don’t have the materials or the time, your head will get too full and you often get exhausted or stressed. I have learned myself to just write the ideas down whenever a new idea haunts through my mind and tell myself to finish first what I have started :p (which is ridiculously difficult).
My parents are also autodidact and create beautiful steampunk arts (van.Halen.co) take a look 🙂

I’m also thinking about to try and film whenever I’m working with glass, just to show you the progress of, let’s say, one of the fox mirrors 🙂 Not going to do this all the time of course, as photo’s are way simpler to add and takes less time to upload :P.
Anyhow, before I decide to film in my small “Glass room” there’s lots that I have to do first, right now the room’s a bit empty except for 2 tables 2 bookcases (full of materials)
and a small table with the glass grinder. There’s not much on the walls except for some posters. A bit boring is what I mean :p
Unless I do a close up, than that wouldn’t be much of a problem of course. 🙂

geometric Lop mirror
Geometric Bunny (lop) Mirror by RavenHaylin 

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog 🙂

– R.H.


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