02. Geometric Bohemian Fox

Hello everyone.

Today I want to share you one of the sun-catchers that I have made:

This Geometric Bohemian Fox.
One of my favorites to make, also the one most loved.
This fox is also one of my first designs, the other ones are the bear and the rabbit.
For now I won’t be making any mirrors yet, as I love to work with color and can’t wait to make more bears, rabbits and other animals in color too.

The bad thing however, it that there’s no transparent dark gray nor black glass available, also not many choices in brown glass. I wonder why that is though.

Anyhow, the fox is for now my favorite due to it’s beautiful orange color 🙂

I always make my illustrations on the computer, but for some reason I love to draw it on paper as well.

So many pieces, although still less than my other glass arts 🙂

20161008_141601  20161008_141759

The part I love the most is to search for the color’s that I’m going to use, all the small glass pieces are kept in glass jars, labelled with the name and texture of the glass sheet.


I now notice that I haven’t taken pictures of the glass grinder :\ ah well, will do that next time 🙂
Here I’m showing the beautiful colors of glass. For the fox color I used the color Medium Amber (rough rolled)

Most of the time I use Iridescent black Opal for the eyes and nose (Black is always opal, no light comes through).
But I also give people the option for black opal non iridescent. Because not everyone likes iridescent glass of course 🙂 Iridescent is a thin colorful (like oil) layer on black or other color glass, as you can see in the photo’s below.

Soldering. Not something that I love to do, but it has to happen of course. It’s the heat that I don’t like and the flux :\ Although very fun to see when you solder all the pieces together and see the result 🙂


After soldering the pieces and attaching the rings, comes the cleaning and drying. After that is another option and that’s patina. Which you can buy in black, brown and copper.  I haven’t used that for a while, as the silver gray looks nice too 🙂

This fox is now on its way (with one geometric flying pig) to Texas, USA 🙂

Geometric Bohemian Fox by RavenHaylin (Etsy)

For today I’m going to work on another geometric animal 🙂 Won’t say which one yet, you’ll see it next time



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