03. The ‘Glass’ room

I always love to give names to the rooms of our apartment. But I haven’t stumbled upon a good one for the room where I work in . It’s a small room, as we live in a small apartment on the 5th floor.
The view from the big square window isn’t that great, you can see two other apartment buildings, the same as this one and it ruins the view a bit, although on the right side you  can see the skyline of our town.  The sunsets and sunrises are beautiful, even though I see more sunsets than rises, haha (Night owls unite!) .
Occasionally you see and hear the geese fly over up close and also crows, flying as a large black mass through the sky, landing on the tops of the apartment buildings. And the trees below blossom pink flowers in spring, always full with magpies, robins and other small birds.
(Oh yeah, once a while a fat pigeon will land on the railing of our balcony, driving our cats insane, haha)

I love those things.
It’s a beautiful thing to see and it’s free.

Today I have made some photo’s of the room I work in, Close up shots that is.
I have also added these to my Etsy account.


You see it’s a bit of a mess right now 😀 (it can be worse though)
For now I have these two bookcases, filled with glass and other materials.
I can’t wait till I have better ways to store my glass, and would also be lovely if I have art that inspires me hanging on these walls 🙂
The rooms a bit longer than that is shown here, there’s a corner with a glass grinder, that needs to be cleaned (reason why there’s no photo 😛 )

I have finished the geometric animal I was talking about in the previous post 🙂 Still not going to tell what I have made though :P, I first wanted to make another one before I revealed the finished one, but as our schedule for today is ruined (thanks to my partner’s work :P) , I don’t know if I can make it in time to make another one plus I also need to buy chains to hang up my art and now I have to wait till Wednesday 😐

Ah well, at least I know what I’m going to make next 🙂

til then 🙂  wish you a very nice day!



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