04. Geometric Bohemian Cat

Hello everyone 🙂
Been some rough days for me, still not quite okay because it’s a bit too much than I can handle right now. So I needed a break 🙂

I did continue with my glass of course, No matter how down I feel or how full my head is with problems,  I will never stop working on glass.

I told you in my previous posts that I will also try to make vid’s and I made my first one.
Where I show you a bit of the progress of one of my works.
As I only have one battery for my camera (reminding myself to buy a second one) there are parts that are shorter than other ones, and I’m sorry for that 😛

The progress is long, well it can take up a few hours or 4 days, depending on how large or how many small pieces :).
And as the days are shorter now and I love to work mostly in daylight instead of lamplight, it will take 2 days for what I normally make in 1 day.
Can’t wait for spring and summer, haha!

What you will see in this vid is:

(I started a bit later than usual, due to the personal stuff I was  going through)
You’ll see me with my weird work glasses and clothing (warning) :’)
– Cutting of glass ( I already did half of the cat, here I show you the cutting of the small pieces for the colorful ‘bohemian’ part)
-Grinding of the glass
*not shown is the washing and towel drying of the pieces.
A short coffee break and a short bit of time lapse
– I show you the previous work that I have made (geometric bear)
– copper foiling all the 51 pieces of glass, sitting in our living room, watching Family guy with the cats sleeping in the background 🙂
– Next day: Soldering of the glass pieces
*Not filmed soldering the back of the work and attaching of the rings and gemstone
– Finished work.

I can’t upload vid’s on here, because I don’t have a premium account. So I had to place it on youtube. This is my first vid. So don’t expect a good quality vid :p .
Also, I used a song and so I don’t know if the vid will ever be deleted, if that happens I will change the song with some other random and free sound….yay.  (maybe me cursing every time I cut or burn myself 😛 so lots of peeps, jk)
The vid is therefor hided from public and can only be seen through this link 🙂 (lick on pic below)




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