05. To-do Listography

To-do list for my Geometric Animal set (Sun-catchers in Bohemian Style)

From finished illustrations
Geometric Fox (48 Pieces)
Geometric Bear (39 Pieces)
Geometric Cat ( 51 Pieces)
Geometric Owl (67 Pieces)
– Geometric Bunny Lop or straight ears (57 Pieces)
– Geometric Husky (57 Pieces)

Illustrations still to make
– Geometric Horse or Unicorn
– Geometric Bull
– Geometric Deer (not sure, as I have another idea for this one)
– Geometric Bird (not sure what kind)
– Geometric Elephant
– Geometric Tiger or Lion

Well the list of illustrations, I have yet to make, can get longer. The 1st list is what is definitely on my planning.
Today I will make the Geometric Owl, the one with the most pieces of glass 😐 67 pieces that is.
So it will be a long day for me 🙂 But I’m very excited to start.
The rest of the awaiting animals have to wait a bit longer, for I have to order some new glass soon. I’m running out of colors, definitely the neutral ones (such as light brown, light gray, white/clear, yellowish)

Unless someone contacts me and wants a bear or other animal in a strange color 😛 Than it wouldn’t be a problem of course 🙂

I once made an Owl mirror for my parents, they love owls (and Raven/crows) I will not make this design again, not because it has 167 pieces of mirror :p but it’s a design I only made for them, as a thank you for everything they have ever done for me.  They loved it 🙂

Owl design by RavenHaylin

The Owl I’m going to make now is another design, and will hopefully be as loved by someone as this one 🙂
(but that’s something I wish for every art that I make)

Well, I have to leave it to this for today, very short update post.
I have to start now, before I’m running out of time 😛

The hour has gone one step back and so is my energy 😐
is this hour back or forth really necessary? :’)

Ah well,

Cheers 🙂


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