08. Geometric Bohemian Bunny

Hello World 🙂 How are you doing?

I just have finished the geometric bunny lop sun-catcher, and have run out of tin (and also almost copper foil) I hope that my supply order will arrive as soon as possible 🙂
This bunny is also available right now at my Etsy store, this one is a lop. I have another illustration ready almost the same as this one except for the ears which are straight up., Although I do not know when I will make that one, as I love to try as many different artworks as I can 🙂

Geometric Boho Bunny Made by RavenHaylin
This bunny is also made with Antique Glass (the brown, white and yellow glass, it’s also thicker. The glass is from a recycled window).

This bunny and the other animals that I have made are the only ones that have antique glass, the rest will have normal glass. Antique glass that I have is from old windows, recycled, once in a while my parents will find old broken windows that are no longer usable, but the glass is very useful to me :). Most of that glass are neutral colors.
I still have some of the glass, that I can only use for smaller pieces, there’s always a chance that one of my works have some of that old glass still in it 🙂

I think I will have a lazy day today 😉  It’s cold outside, warm and cozy inside 🙂 and now that I have to wait for the supplies my fingers/hands can take a rest too, till Tuesday? I guess?

Have a nice day 🙂



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