09. Three Hares Symbol

So, I stumbled upon a symbol on Pinterest, the 3 hares symbol.
Ever heard about that one? Neither did I. It’s a very beautiful celtic symbol and the story behind it is unknown. The symbol shows 3 hares chasing each other, they share 3 ears but still each one of them have two. The origins are still uncertain, there are some theories on the internet though.
(symbol meaning also uncertain: Symbol for fertility and the lunar circle, or symbol of trinity, buddhism)
The symbols are often found medieval places and churches in the UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands, also China! (Cave Temples)
There’s so much more to read about this symbol. Just look it up 🙂 pretty interesting.

An ancient German riddle:

“Three hares sharing three ears,
Yet every one of them has two”

Jurgis Baltrusaitis’s 1955 Le Moyen-Âge fantastique. Antiquités et exotismes dans l’art gothique[31] includes a 1576 Dutch engraving with the puzzle given in Dutch and French around the image. It notes:

“The secret is not great when one knows it.
But it is something to one who does it.
Turn and turn again and we will also turn,
So that we give pleasure to each of you.
And when we have turned, count our ears,
It is there, without any disguise, you will find a marvel”

I love how the symbol looks and so I definitely wanted to design one out of glass 🙂
I chose for geometric hares. The glass I chose is Mirror & Sky blue wispy (iridescent) glass.
and the beautiful gemstone: Celestine

I’m so happy that I tried, I love how it turned out. Definitely going to make more some day, different colors of course and maybe as suncatchers too 😀

These 3 hares are available on my etsy store 🙂



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