10. Sometimes things go wrong

1879cb5900117f135877df406680a636Small update.
Sometimes I have these days when everything goes wrong. Yesterday was that kind of day.
I tried to do something different, a beautiful 3d shape with clear iridescent glass (waterglass) Yellow artique glass and grape purple ripple glass 🙂
But I don’t know what happened, maybe I held it too tight or maybe I held the soldering iron a bit too long on the glass, as you can guess, one of the pieces broke *Ugh*.
These things can happen, it can also accidently slip out of your hands when washing the glass pieces because it’s very slippy.
I will probably still finish it and keep it myself as a reminder and because I still love it anyway ( I don’t mind keeping the odd or broken ones 🙂 )
I haven’t made anything at all this week (well except for the wedding favors, still have lots to make), because I had to tidy the house and also the glass room.
We just have too many stuff we don’t need that has to go. 

I personally think that these happenings is some kind of wake up call and now that the house is more tidy I can focus again on my work.
I have lots of ideas on the computer and inside my head that are ready to be created.

The colours I used, and no I’m not making a sun :)I love ripple glass, although I can’t find the glass on the webstore I always buy from, I have this glass from a website called Markplaats (same as Gumtree and Ebay?  but Dutch)

So yeah, I’m going to try it again today 😐 fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong today.

Back to work 🙂




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