11. December sales

Hello December,
I thought that you would be a month full of trouble, but in a matter of fact, this time you’re not. Thank you.

Last time something went wrong, and I tried to do it again and this time I didn’t fail.
I made an ornament with a little moon inside 🙂 I find it a bit difficult to make 3d shapes, so it was a bit of a challenge for me.

More photo details at my etsy store

For this ornament I used the glass colors:
– Iridescent clear Waterglass
– Artique yellow
– Purple/Grape Ripple/Granite
The moon is in the same 3 colors and no patina (Optional in copper and black)

For the rest I have sold 4 items all going to the USA 🙂

One of them is a Fox mirror (boho) and I thought that I made a blogpost about it, but apparently I haven’t, hmm weird.

I know that on every photo the walls a different color, I don’t edit the color of the photo’s, the wall color changes alot due to the dutch weather conditions (sun, rain, sun, cloudy, rain, mist, sun. and ofcourse dark winter weather.  ugh :p) the color of the our walls are more like the fox photo below.

Geometric Boho Fox Mirror / Maryland, USA
Geometric Unicorn Mirror / California, USA
Lunar Storage
Crescent Moon Storage/ California, USA
3 Hares symbol mirror/ North Carolina, USA

The unicorn mirror and the crescent moon go to the same person :).
For today I will prepare the 3 hares mirror so it’s ready to be sent to north carolina.

I hope that when all of my work arrives that they are all happy with it, I put my soul and heart in it 😉 also blood, sweat and tears!  Okay now it’s sounds like some kind of spooky ritual :’)

Thanks all.




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