12. Geometric Wolf Mirror

Small update: 
Some days ago I made this geometric wolf mirror 🙂  I personally think wolfs and dogs are more difficult than any other animal to create, I don’t know why though. I have been working very long on this illustration. So, yeah I’m a bit proud of myself ;).

The drawing isn’t that good, but I only used it to put those cut out mirror pieces on as you can see in the next pic. (beautiful glass sheets in the background 🙂 )
Cut out pieces of mirror and iridescent black glass, waiting to be grinded smoothly.
Finished wolf, hanging below the iridescent moon phases 😉

I also made two sales again, small sales that is 🙂

One of them is the flying pig (pale pink one) ornament is flying to Washington, USA
and the other one is an Ufo photo frame, now flying on its way to Amsterdam, NL.



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