13. Almost Christmas

Hello everyone,

It’s almost christmas! 🙂
So before I forget I’m wishing everyone a very good and happy christmas, also a very awesome and lucky newyear/2017 !

2016 has been a mixed year,  with good and bad happenings, but mostly good 🙂
It’s the year that I started with this whole glass journey and I’m so happy I started it.
(Aside from the cuts and burns ofcourse…)
I met wonderful and kind people (online) mostly through IG ofcourse 🙂 Who make also very amazing art!  They inspire me always.
And to everyone who bought my art, you’re amazing too!
Received lovely comments and ratings I never thought I would receive (Fear of failure, lol) 
Thanks to you people like me can continue the work they love to do 🙂 and you will enjoy a piece of art that has been made by their bare hands (insert dramatic pose here).

Today two new sales will be send out today, and thanks again USA, you have bought from my store the most! 🙂
(all of my work is always packed securely with lots of plastic bubblewrap, I’m just as worried as you are  🙂 )

Ufo Panel to California and Geometric Bear suncatcher to ?  (an Anonymous Army post box)

Funny though Ufo and the other one an army  adress or ? (I watched too many x-files epi’s :p)

Will be send to the postoffice, and I will notify you with the tracking code, later today, or tomorrow morning 🙂
Mind though, the days around christmas can cause delay for parcels to arrive on time.

Further for today, I received a parcel myself 🙂
Ordered new beautiful sheets of glass, also tin and copper foil

Click for a better pic:

1: Smooth pale Purple
2. Wispy green/white/clear
3. Waterglass sea green
4. Artique light blue
5. Clear ice-flower/frosting

So beautiful!

Have a great weekend !



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