14. Palmistry and New year

Hello crazy world 😀

How are you doing? I’m doing fine. 
I have an anounchement to make! I’m going to take some time off and will come back in the second week of january with a new batch of glass art 🙂 with fox mirrors and suncatchers and of course other new and different art as well,  as I don’t see myself making only foxes, no matter how much people like them 😉 
So, I will see you in January again and wish everyone a happy, healthy and awesome newyear/2017! 🙂  R.H 

Small Update:
For christmas I received from my love a glass engraver (plus a new agenda/journal) . It’s something I wanted to try out for quite a long time.
It’s fun to use, but damn that thing makes lots of noise. I don’t think my neighbours are happy with it. Although they shouldn’t care as I have to hear them almost everyday with their loud prayers, singing, sounds of tools or other noises.
Also I’m not even using it all the time, so yeah.
It does takes precision/focuss and your hand tremors a bit after using it :’)

As you can see I used it for the symbols of the hand (palmistry) Alchemy symbols of planets, astrology symbols, female and male symbol, and some words. I have other ideas to use the engraver, but before I try I have this list of things I have to do first 🙂

1st hand is made of irisdescent clear waterglass
2nd hand is made of yellow artique glass
3th hand is made of mirror  (which causes it to reflect and difficult to photograph :’) )

I’m thinking about making more hands in different colours, maybe also standing ones instead of hanging (for people as me with difficult and annoying walls) Hah.

All are available at my Etsy store !


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