15. Hello 2017

I woke up early today (night owl), with a headache though.
It’s not that I slept horrible or that I’m having bad thoughts, maybe I didn’t drink enough?
Well, I’m now drinking a cup of tea before I’m going to start the day.

Im so excited though, and I don’t know why :’)

Yesterday I  decided what I wanted to make next, but now I’m thinking “Well, that’s more red glass than I have at this moment, and I also need the red glass for something else important”
So now I have to decide which one I will make next. I have an idea for something else, but that means I have to use the glass engraver again (which makes a lot of noise).
It’s still early, 10:53 am  here in the netherlands, so I have enough time to think on what to make next.

I know that in previous post I said that I will add new items at my store in the second week of January, but I couldn’t wait – haha.
So yesterday I added a geometric fox mirror and today I added a geometric fox suncatcher (suncatcer is Reserved)

The fox is the most populair one at this moment, and all of them went to the usa :).

I do wish to make some bunnies for spring too, but I don’t think people will buy those?
I still have the mirror and suncatcher bunny 😮
The bunnies I want to make are old designs (origami rabbits) and I would like to make a few and also one as a mirror.

I will probably make them anyway, even though people don’t like them, bunnies are adorable u.u
Spring is not yet here, and in the meanwhile lots of things can happen 🙂

Time to work!





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