17. Two LLama’s

I made two  LLama sculptures, in geometric/origami style 🙂
Sorry I can’t help it, I just love geometry !
Today I soldered the one in white and brown fur colors.

I searched around on the internet for animals to make and I stumbled across this picture of the Llama’s wearing colorful festive clothing and other accessoires ( Llama’s are so cute – haha 🙂

They both are soldered on a oval shaped mirror 🙂 I always make hanging mirrors and suncatchers and I have decided to try something else.
I wanted it to stay simple so I chose for a colorful festive ‘clothing’ in the middle of the llamas so that the faces stay clear with only a thin chain as halter
I used for the brown one darker colors than the other one.

I haven’t made these available yet on my etsy, never do that on weekends (my days off actually) These will be available first thing tomorrow.
Reason why I worked on the LLama’s todays is because my partner has to go work today (normally sunday’s and mondays his day off), and I didn’t had much to do, so I figured why not? 🙂

I’m also working on something else that’s going to be released in Spring.
Only 1 will be available for spring, and in summer a different one (and so on till next year, if people are interested) I hope people will like it, because I have been working on this one for quite some time 🙂 

(One of the palmistry hangers, mirror one, is now on its way to Amsterdam, thank you! 🙂  )

I wish everyone a good evening/morning depending on where you are right now ! 🙂


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