18. Cold makes me lazy

I just want to curl up in a blanket on the sofa with my cats and with a warm cup of coffee.
How many days till Spring? 53 days and 23 hours, then everything will bloom again, just as the cherryblossom trees below our apartment. This always lasts just about a month due to the windy weather we have here.
I now have a camera set up trying to capture those little birds on the balcony, but just as usual they only appear when the camera’s gone, lol.

I have already finished a new item for the store, not yet available as I  wanted it to be uploaded with another one that I can’t make yet because apparently I was out of black opal glass…the reason for the 3 dots is because I was damn sure that I still had Black opal glass, strange.
So yeah, I first have to order new glass before I can finish what I have started, I don’t mind really as I have to order new tin and copper foil anyway.
Hint: roaring 20’s  (other era’s I like is: Edwardian era, Victorian era and 60’s (especially uk’s era’s).

For today I’m just going to make two other items for our wedding favors and a mirror.
I’m going for a cat mirror the one I also have as a suncatcher.
have to do something while waiting, right?  🙂


Love this wallsticker of my store’s logo




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