20. Gentleman & Palmistry moon

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? 🙂

I’ve beaten my cold/flu and I’ve finally finished the other roaring twenties inspired mirror (male version).
It was definitely a challenge to do faces, and I almost regretted my decision the moment I tried :’)  But as you can see it worked out well, I also have another illustration drawn out and it’s a mirror of a gentleman with a beard. which I definitely also want to make.
The next Flapper girl mirrors will have different hair colors and styles than the first one. Same for the gentlemen versions.
Have to keep a variation of styles.  Although, I can’t find any photo’s or images of men with beards in 1920’s? or I just fail at searching :’)


I also created this, Palmistry hand holding a crescent moon.
Surrealistic/weirdish art. Who doesn’t like that?  Normal can be boring sometimes.
The palmistry hand is mirror, I engraved the symbols in it and the crescent moon is Artique navy glass 🙂


It’s feels good to be back at work again 🙂 I have worked on some illustrations in the meantime that I was ill, so I can’t wait to share it on here, Etsy and IG.


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