21. Palmistry Clear iridescent

Hello everyone 🙂  here I am again.

I just finished some work for today, I made two palmistry hands and also a mirror.
But first I will show you 0ne of the palmistry hands, the other hand and the mirror  will be revealed another time 🙂

I enjoy making these palmistry hands and I have also different ideas than only make these as suncatchers. The thing is; I have some difficulties using the glass engraver as it hurts the joints in my hand :\
So I can’t always make these eventhough I want to make lots of them.
Now I have made these two at the same time, so now my hand need to rest.
(still can make glass art, just not with the engraver)

I’m also a bit annoyed as I need black opal glass but it’s still out of stock 😐 Hopefully they will restock soon again.

Had to make this photo darker so you can see the colors better 🙂 it’s very beautiful when a sun or lamp light falls upon it, reflects colorfully.
and when not, it’s looks clear 
showing you here the texture of waterglass, it’s wobbly and awesome

I tend to work more towards the style of wicca, gypsy, boho and travel-like home decor.
My heart lies there, I love nature and travel, Astronomy, animals and just dreamy things 🙂
I also love nerdy stuff, so you can also find things like Doctor who (and comics related stuff), science fiction and geometry at my Etsy store.

Spring is almost here and I have 26 days left to finish what I want to reveal for this season 😐 I hope that people will love it 🙂 I’ve worked long on this one.
The days feel warmer too, and if it isn’t cloudy or rainy, the temperature on our balcony feels almost as a fresh summer day 😀 which also makes our two weird cats super happy, haha.

I wish you all a good morning/afternoon wherever you are 🙂



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