22. Geometric cat mirror

The design of this cat is based on my british shorthair, Pearl 🙂 The first cat mirror I made of my cat is different than this one (see image below) It was more rounder with realistic eyes than the ones I make now,  which are more towards geometry.

These cat design line are called ‘The Pearls’ and I will always make these 🙂 My cat will turn 12 this June, she’s doing well apart from the sneezing she always has (Cat flu? she has medicine, but it always comes back and I feel so sad for her)  She’s my cuddle bear, jumps around as if she’s 5 and often howls like a wolf when she thinks no ones home :’)
I also have another cat, a ragdoll. Will make a mirror based on her too someday, though it will be a bit more difficult 😮 (Ragdoll chocolate point)


I have also this design as a suncatcher (bohemian) 🙂 with a beautiful red heart en gemstone.


My cat Pearl with the round version of the design

The clear iridescent palmistry hand (I showed you in the previous post) is now made ready for its new home in Canada 🙂 and will be send first thing tomorrow, Thank you so much!~

Wish everyone who reads this a wonderful day 🙂



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