24. Suncatcher hand with Swallow

I finished making another hand today with an old school inspired swallow in it.
I think I’m a bit obsessed with hands lately :p I should make other kind of glass art soon;
otherwise I will end up only selling hands, heh.
The project that I was working on for spring is also done; Now I only have to wait 10 days šŸ™‚
I can already reveal that It’s a mirror, and a quite heavy one than the other mirrorsĀ I’ve ever made. It’s even attached with Ā a stronger chain than I normally use.Ā 

I made myself a Ufo with a holder on top for small plants; or as you can see chocolate eggs šŸ˜‰ It was supposed to be put on for sale at my etsy, but changed my mind and kept it for myself. Same for the palmistry hand that I accidently broke with my soldering iron (idiot!)Ā 


This is a small window panel my grandmother found in her basementĀ or shed (forgot :p) ad gave it to me.
It’s done with lead; something I would like to work with if I ever get a house. I don’t dare to work with lead on an apartment, plus it’s quite unhealthy to work with lead due to the fumes andĀ have never learned to work with lead.
(and ofcourse you have to wash your hands, use clothes that are only ment to stay there and always keep animals, children and wandering morons away from that room :P)
This panel is old and not that steady as the lead is weathered(?), I find it beautiful and I think it’s a pity to reuse the glass of this old artwork. Maybe I can make or find a wooden frameĀ someday to keep everything in its place.

One of my first mirrors, geometric rabbit mirror, is now on its way to Berlin/Germany, thanks!

Thanks for reading, wish you a very nice day!



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