25. Crescent moon suncatcher

Crescent moon suncatcher

I decided to try something different 🙂 I had this one in my sketchbook for a while now; there are so many beautiful moon suncatchers and wanted to try a different style.
First it was only the moon without the chains, feathers and gemstone as you can see in the photo above on the right, but thought it looks a bit too simple; so I added chains, feathers and a Aventurine red gemstone. Now it looks more as a dreamcatcher 🙂

The glass I used for this one is: Navy Blue Artique, Sky blue rough rolled, Wispy green/white/clear and green/blue textured glass.

I’m now working on a rabbit for spring/easter, again a different style I normally do.
I’m not sure yet if it’s going to be a suncatcher or something you can set down on a table or windowsil 🙂
It’s already soldered, I only need to solder the leaves and flowers 🙂 and maybe add more leaves as I have only the leaves for on the sides of the rabbit and later I will decide if it’s going to be a suncatcher or not. I find these decisions a bit difficult. Because not everyone has enough space to set things down and not everyone loves suncatchers or have space to hang it on walls or windows (god my english is horrible, excuse me for that :’)  )


Today’s also the day that it’s precizely half a year till my partner and I get married 🙂 ! (Sept 18th) already nervous as hell 😛

Thank you for reading and wish you a very nice day :)!



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