32. Reaching for the star

Okay, It’s been a while 🙂
Everything is going great it’s just that sometimes I have too many ideas to make and get lost in a sea of ideas that I end up doing nothing because I can’t make a decision. I should work on that problem :\

Yesterday I made something (Finally!) and there will be more variations like this
I made this crescent moon mirror with a black cat sitting on it, well more standing as it’s trying to reach for the star 🙂

The cat is in black opal glass and the little star is in Yellow iridescent opal glass 

Other crescent moons with cats I’m going to make are:  Loaf cat, lazy cat and a cat that has taken the star 🙂

I see that it’s almost fathers day and I’m going to make another palmistry just like the mother’s day palmistry hand, maybe also with a heart or maybe something different , I haven’t quite decided about that one yet.

The summer makes me work slower than expected (heat) and also with our wedding on my mind and the stuff we still need to prepare for it makes 2017 a pretty busy and lazy year. 16th of June is the wedding cake tasting 😉  and explaining what kind of cake we want.

Black opal glass and some of the other glass is still out of stock 😦 ! (can take months before they can restock again) So I have to be very thrifty with the black glass I still have. 

Thank you for reading this short update 🙂
I will get back on track again and make more art


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