37. Nikola Tesla

Hello again
Today I’m going to show you my latest panel that I have made 🙂
He’s one of my favorite scientists/inventors:

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is mostly known for is Alternating current (AC); Tesla coil, Wardenclyffe tower, and much more! 
He loved pigeons; and there was a white pigeon he was particularly fond of. That’s why I decided to go with the pigeon instead of lightning or something else Tesla related 😉 
The colors I used in this glass panels are: Dark and light purple (grape), light greens, Dark and light amber, steel/navy blue, clear textured (face), white opal iridescent and white clear wispy, black clear wispy
The panel is in a modern looking black/gray frame on a steady chain. The eyes are done with black glass marker.

I don’t know yet what to make next, I have to wait for new copper foil and maybe some new glass sheets; So many beautiful glass sheets I have to choose from though.


Work in progress / Drawing
Work in progress / cut out tesla and background
Work in Progress / Selecting background colors


I wished that I can make more panels, but sadly it takes a lot of glass, copper foil and tin :’) So I need to make more smaller things too ofcourse.
Further the glass room is a mess, I need to clean it up knowing it will be a mess allover again :p The room is nowhere near looking the same as all those amazing and clean pinterest workplaces, heh.
I want a house that cleans itself up  (Who wouldn’t though?)

The Valknut suncatcher is sold and on its way to California, USA 🙂 Thank you! Missing this one already 

I hope that everyone receives their parcel soon and enjoy it 🙂





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