38. July update

I’m taking a break!
Nothing bad is going on or so 🙂 I just need to take a break.
I am working on some things (Glass related)  and have to wait for some supplies.
The next project I’m working on is for a movie;
I’m going to make a panel (Same ones as the Nikola Tesla and Edgar Allan Poe) and this time it will be Vincent Price with a bat 🙂 In opal glass not transparent as it is for a wall.


The movie is about, well, vampires 🙂 it’s a black comedy with hints to the old b/w movies.
Any kind of support for this movie is appreciated! 🙂  (from liking the facebook page to donating money) from the rest of the world is always a blessing.
I have already given my support ofcourse! 🙂
(The film is in dutch, but will have english subs)

De Uitnodiging (The Invitation) 

Further I want to thank the people who bought these!  you guys are awesome, hope you enjoy!

Wonderwoman box: Massachusetts, USA  
Moon phases weave wallhanger: Ohia, USA
Iridescent clear palmistry: Maryland, USA 

Wish you all an amazing day!



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