39. Vincent Price Panel

Hello again 🙂 Long time no written

I’ve finished the Vincent Price panel which was a request for the short movie De uitnodiging (the invitation)
I used Opal and Translucent glass and can be used for a on wall or window.

Yesterday we visited Kasteel Huis Bergh (castle Huis Bergh ), which will be the film location and it is beautiful! It’s also the place where the last “witch” was burned here in The Netherlands.

Black opal glass, black clear wispy, and black iridescent glass are now low in stock atthe glass supply stores here in NL, and will be fully restocked in 2018 (I hope sooner though!) which means that I have to wait with my panel idea’s.
I do have some black opal pieces left, just not sure if it will be enough.

Further I’m also working hard preparing for our wedding 🙂 So you know why I’m a bit slow on making new glass art and writing blogs. It’s a busy 2017

Shout out to the people who bought these glass works from me, Thank you very much!
Hope you enjoy it for many years!
Both are now in London, UK



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