My name is Ray van Halen, 29 falls, born in Helmond, now currently living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands with my partner and two cats ( a British shorthair named “Pearl” and a ragdoll named “Lazuli”).
I’m the artist behind RavenHaylin.
The name RavenHaylin is a Pseudonym for my name, Raven = Ray van and Haylin = Halen.

I started with RavenHaylin in 2015, selling only my (surrealism) photography prints (www.instagram.com/RavenHaylinphotography) and other art, such as Steampunk, with my parents (van.Halen.co)
Later that year I decided to add something else to it and I chose for Stained Glass.
Stained glass has always been on my mind, but never have I dared to try it out, until begin 2016 where I started my journey working with glass.
I had to give up some of my hobbies, as creating glass art takes space and time. But it was worth it and I wished I had started sooner 🙂

My art theme is mostly Bohemian, Geometric and Astronomical. (You’ll find lots of moons, as I Iove moons very much) also, a lot is inspired by nature and animals

In this blog you will find posts about my work and its progress 🙂

You can buy my art only through Etsy (Paypal)
Follow me and my works on other social media apps too. 🙂



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